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Services from Simius Web

We can provide you with a wide variety of services. Anything from helping you plan a brand new website to managing an existing website on a daily basis.

Our services include:

We can help you plan your first website, audit and repair existing websites, and even help you plan for the future of your website.
Read more about our consultancy services.
Our designs are clean and simple, concentrating your visitors on your content - not distracting them with over-the-top styling.
Read more about our design services.
Relax and let us manage your website for you. We also supply training so you can get the most out of your internal web-teams.
Document conversion
Need material converted from Word, PDF or other formats to nice, clean XHTML? We provide an accurate service with a fast turn-around.
Read more about our document conversion service.
Whether you are looking to build a new one from scratch, or to have an existing one audited for accessibility, if you want your website to reach WCAG accessibility standards we can help.
Read more about our accessibility services.
Website Health Check
Does your website have some hidden gremlins reducing it's effectiveness? Is it slow to load? Does it have valid HTML/CSS? Are they any problems with cross-browser compatibility? Is it accessible?. We take a peak under-the-hood to identify where your website needs some servicing.
Read more about our website micro-audit.