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Accessible Document Conversion

Convert PDF, Word (and other formats) to accessible, semantic and lean HTML/XHTML

Converting documents from PDF, Word and other formats to accessible, semantic and lean HTML

Converting content from a variety of different sources, often in a wide range of formats, to HTML/XHTML is the single biggest task facing most Web Managers.

Making this content accessible, semantic, and lean helps to ensure that it:

  • can be read by a wider audience
  • maximises search engine optimisation
  • minimises loading times

The problem with auto-conversion tools

Auto-conversion tools are great if your source documents are well formatted. Sadly, as most Web teams know, this is rarely the case.

With any auto-conversion tool there is the basic rule of "rubbish in-rubbish out". Even if the output is relatively 'valid' it is lacking structure and accessibility.

Our solution

Our experienced and efficient staff take your documents, rapidly converting these to highly semantic HTML/XHTML in no time: a 100 page technical document can take us less than 2 hours to complete.

Document formats that we convert

We can convert from any of the following:

  • Microsoft files (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • PDFs
  • OpenOffice files
  • StarOffice files
  • Any other open-source based format (e.g. .txt .rtf .csv or tab-delimited spreadsheets)

These are just the most common formats so if you do not see the file format you use above, please ask.

Semantics and coding standards

By default we convert to XHTML (1.0 Strict) but we can work to other HTML/XHTML standards.

Our code is 100% semantic and we aim for the highest levels of accessibility. It is also exceptionally lean code, reducing loading times, and keeping your website in excellent shape with no 'bloat'.

To discuss your needs please contact us: