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Our clients are the most important part of our business. We don't want to simply meet your expectations, we want to go beyond them to deliver something you are over the moon with and that we can be proud to put our name to.

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Consultancy, Management and Document Conversion Services

Banbury Cross, Oxfordshire
Client Raine Hilson
Services provided An anti-spam Web form
Website Banbury Cross

I was looking to do some marketing for a client of mine in the UK when I cam across the Banbury Cross website - an excellent directory of businesses in Oxfordshire.

When I spotted the owner had been forced to remove her submissions form due to spam attacks I offered to help by supplying new one. The new form includes anti-spam methods which don't resort to the rather user-unfriendly CAPTCHA.

Andrew noted my comment about my form generating too much spam and he wrote a new form my website - it has worked perfectly and I have gained much business through the form.

Thanks Andrew!

Raine Hilson, Website Owner

Curriculum Corporation - PDF to XHTML conversion
Client Stuart Vaughan
Services provided Document conversion (PDF to lean, semantic, WCAG 2.0 compliant XHTML)
Website Curriculum Corporation

Staurt's team at Curriculum Corporation were looking for some legacy PDFs to be converted to raw XHTML, marked up semantically and meeting the latest accessibility standards. After we supplied a sample of our work and helped to build a complete specification for the conversion we were chosen as the supplier.

We out sourced some very delicate and time critical work to Andrew and his company at the start of a large job. The results delivered on the first batch were outstanding and exceeded our expectations and our client's requirements for Accessibility and Usability (Client: Australian Government).

This led to a working relationship that has been going for 5 months and has assisted us in delivering a top-quality website to market.

Andrew was easy to work with, provided a high quality service and was reliable and responsive to our needs. I have no hesitation recommending Andrew, Simius Web and their work.

Stuart Vaughan, Web Development Team Leader

NaTHNaC - full management and consultancy services
Client Naomi Bryant
Services provided Consultancy
Website NaTHNaC

This client had an existing site built to assist in their goal "to promote clinical standards in travel medicine". Due to a rapid expansion of the website it no longer sat comfortably within its original design.

The site needed a broad audit covering: readability; usability; accessibility design; navigation; general best-practice; and work-flow.

The result was a 50 page report that detailed all the existing problems and made recommendations for corrective action including a number of alternative approaches. From this audit NaTHNac gained a clear vision of the action they wanted to take to develop the site. It also helped them formulate a business case to access additional funds for the development.

I have talked to David about this [the audit] and he has said that he was very impressed with your professionalism and the timeliness in which the audit was completed. He also praised your enthusiasm for NaTHNaC and the task at hand. In our initial meeting in London, you impressed both David and Vanessa (and me as well) with your enthusiasm, how quickly you grasped what NaTHNaC was about and what we wanted to achieve and the issues and solutions you raised.

The audit document itself was very thorough, well indexed and easy to understand. The addition of estimated time frames for different solutions has helped us plan out where we go forwards from the audit and I have relayed the results of the audit to the rest of NaTHNaC and I think everyone is in agreement that the audit itself is a very useful tool for us.

I have certainly appreciated your support in an area which is not my specialism and your understanding of the limitations of me and the rest of the staff as far as editing the site is concerned.

Naomi Bryant, Web Projects Manager

Highways Agency - full management and consultancy services
Client Helen Rix
Services provided Consultancy, design, management, work-flow
Website Highways Agency

Originally this client contracted out some simple document conversion work to the company I was working for at the time. Very quickly I formed a good working relationship with the team from the Highways Agency and soon expanded the work we did for them to include many other services to the point where we were involved in every aspect from work-flow right through to site design and day-to-day management.

The Highways Agency site soon became a focus point for their communications strategy leading to rapid growth in both the volume and the scope of its coverage, attracting more visitors month after month.

A close working relationship, excellent communications and an eye for detail all helped lead to the development of what has become a very successful website.

Andrew Hart worked from early 2000 to the end of 2005 as part of a contractor team managing, maintaining and updating the Highways Agency website. During that time Andrew was the primary point of contact for the Highways Agency Web Team and as such we were in close daily contact.

He thoroughly impressed all of us with his friendly, professional manner and excellent subject knowledge, particularly in the area of accessibility. It is fair to say that we quickly came to very much rely on, and value, Andrew's expertise.

He took pride in working quickly, efficiently and to a high standard, and we knew we could hand him a project and then forget about it, safe in the knowledge that the work would be done on time and as requested.

Andrew's attention to detail, proactive approach to trouble-shooting and above all, friendly and approachable manner, made him a real asset to the Agency.

Helen Rix, Deputy Online Editor

Note: This is a personal reference for Andrew Hart as the service was provided prior to the incorporation of Simius Web Ltd