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About Simius Web Ltd

Simius Web Ltd was formed to offer a real alternative to the lack of standards compliance and 'one-size-fits-all' approach offered by many internet companies.

We help our client's websites perform at their very best to ensure they are meeting their customers' needs and delivering business. A clear focus on return-on-investment makes sure our clients get the very best value out of their budget.

What we do:

  • take the time to get to know your business and really understand its needs
  • believe in working ethically, whether that be reducing our environmental impact or producing websites that are accessible to everyone
  • ensure that the power to control your site remains firmly in your hands
  • keep up to date with both social and technological developments that impact on the web
  • work with and adhere to the highest internet standards

What we don't do:

  • believe that one size fits all and that your requirements can be shoe-horned into an existing template
  • talk technobabble - sure websites are technical but we explain them in plain language
  • make things any more complicated than absolutely necessary…simple is always better on the web

If you would like a friendly chat to see what we can do for you please feel free to contact us.


With years of experience delivering web solutions from simple designs through to full management of your site, you can trust Simius Web to deliver a top quality solution that will meet your requirements.

One skill set we boast that few others even touch on is web accessibility. There are ethical, business and legal reasons why this is important to your company and we can help you understand why it is important and how to implement it.

We also keep abreast of the latest trends regarding browser usage, legislation and other factors that impact on your site. Whilst looking to the future we also keep an eye on users with older technology (old browsers, slower connections etc.)…and we cater for them so you don't lose business by over-reliance on the latest technology fad!


We are based in Norwich and serve clients in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, mainland Europe, the US and Australia…and we are working on expanding that list.

Communication is vital to the success of any project and we like to meet our clients face-to-face. However, with modern technology it is now possible to collaborate on projects world-wide without compromise. We make the most of Internet conferencing and even adjust our working hours for those clients further afield.

Working remotely helps us to keep our expenses down and also reduces our carbon footprint.

The environment

Reducing our environmental footprint

Reduce » re-use » recycle … here at Simius Web we care very much for the environment and strive to do all we can to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We try to reduce our environmental footprint as far as possible by doing things like: using low energy light bulbs; buying only recycled paper*; recycling or composting waste; using low impact travel where possible; turning things off when not in use.

We feel it is vital that every business does their best to lower their impact and are happy to listen to new suggestions or pass on ideas to our clients.

* - We prefer to deliver our reports electronically where acceptable to our clients - this also eliminates emissions created during delivery